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Since the company was established, It has always been involved in the wholesale business and regional distribution. The company introduced tens of international brands to the region & from there they got their fame all thanks to OSAKA GROUP.

Sole Agency

OSAKA reserves the right to avail premium brands from all around the world in the UAE & the Middle East


Our Company does not get influenced by the 

thoughts or action of 

others, we have our own beliefs & dexterity that allows us to remain Unique


Professional Designers & exclusive design companies are always actively creating the latest styles & trends. 


Distribution channel varies between territories & we implement the entire distribution channels throughout the company to ensure our brands are well taken care of in terms of branding.


Local market is always critical for any company, Osaka Group has been interacting with the local market since its early days & established a solid base for the company.


Dubai is the G.C.C number 1 destination for import & export which gives Osaka Group an advantage to reach its products all around the region and distribute its brands & designs regionally. 


Osaka Group can Custom Order & supply whichever product that customers demand from them. Over the years we have ordered thousands of containers for customers who demanded their own customization, we do not limit our self, we go above and beyond to fulfill our customers demands. 

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